You are the cosmic flower
Let love open you into full bloom

Emerging from the murky depths of murky waters, the lotus bursts forth into the light. The lotus represents the cyclical birth and rebirth of all things. Wear your lotus pendant charm necklace as a powerful reminder open your heart to the light and reflect that which empowers you!

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All our pieces are hand wrapped, from us to you. A perfect gift to share with someone you love or simply as something special just for you!

♡ Materials ♡

Our bracelets are made of 100% Rhodium (white gold) and hypoallergenic brass. No lead, no nickel, no nasties… perfect for sensitive skin!

Also available in GOLD and NECKLACE design too

♡ Designed for you ♡

This piece has been designed to be worn alone at any length you like or worn with other pieces for a layered look. With an adjustable length, it can be worn between 43.5cm/17” and 39cm/14” to suit your individual style. Finished with an alligator clasp for ease and adjustability.

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We feel so incredibly blessed and proud to be able to do and share what we LOVE and so stoked to have you on this adventure right beside us!

All our pieces are individually and ethically designed and crafted by us and our team especially for you.

We are so blown away by the amazing support we receive from our loyal supporters and welcome you to join the party and discover more here….

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