Rise from the ashes, now is the time to recreate your beauty…

Just as mermaids have mesmerised lone sailors, the entrancing song of the fire bird has enchanted and guided lone wanderers along their path of discovery. With crimson gold feathers, as brilliant as the sun itself and glowering ruby-red eyes the illusive fire bird flies the skies offering a indelible symbol of brightness and hope amongst the dark and wild unknown.

Whether it be the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, the Hindu Thai Gai Faa, the Hindu god Garuda, the Mesopotamian god, the Queztal Bird, the phoenix or the well known flamingo of East Africa the story of the mystical fire bird has captivated the hearts and minds of our ancestors since time immemorial. Transcending culture, the story remains the same…

A single brilliant feather floats from the heavens above on to the earthly path below; a feather so other worldly, so mind-blowingly fascinating that the course of the heart is instantaneously redirected on a quest to find the source of such beauty.

This stunning symbol acts as a powerful reminder that such transformative powers reside within you. Now is the time to set recognise, thank and set aside your fears. Your wings beckon for great heights and you have never been more ready!

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All our pieces are hand wrapped, from us to you. A perfect gift to share with someone you love or simply as something special just for you!

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Our necklaces are made of 100% hypoallergenic brass. No lead, no nickel, no nasties… perfect for sensitive skin!

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This piece has been designed to be worn alone at any length you like or worn with other pieces for a layered look. With an adjustable length, it can be worn between 43.5cm/17” and 39cm/14” to suit your individual style. Finished with an alligator clasp for ease and adjustability.

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We feel so damned blessed and proud to be able to do and share what we love and so stoked to have you on this adventure right beside us. All our pieces are individually and ethically designed and crafted by us and our team especially for you. We are so blown away by the amazing support we receive from our loyal supporters and welcome you to join the party and discover more here….

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