Frequently Asked Questions


Who designs and makes our pieces?
Our range is a collaborative process between our artists and us that sees our pieces designed, refined and handcrafted accordance with artist’s individual creative expressions and our design aesthetics. Some pieces in our range are sourced by us at their origin, preserving the integrity of the artists design vision.This sees that benefits flow directly to the local artists and onto their communities, promoting a strong sense of cultural respect between generations through the passing down of stories, skills and knowledge.

What is brass?
Our love of brass lies in its rich, antiqued nature. As a soft metal, brass starts as a bright, yellow gold colour that develops a rich, antiquated, ‘patina’ over time as it oxides making each piece and unique expression of its particular life journey. Unlike other metals, brass can be easily and sustainably broken down and repurposed, making it a environmentally friendly alternative to harsher processes that would otherwise be used.

I have sensitive skin…can I wear brass?
We only use the best quality brass. Being free free from nickel, copper and other common nasties that cause skin discomfort or irritation, they are perfect for sensitive skin types.

How do I care for my Paper Crab brass pieces?
As it ages, it will oxidise and slightly deepen in colour, lending it a beautiful richness that only adds to its uniqueness. This oxidisation or ‘patina’ can be easily removed by washing it in warm soapy water. As with all jewellery, we recommend you remove your Paper Crab pieces while showering, bathing and swimming to ensure the longevity of your jewellery.

What is silver brass?
Our silver brass pieces are electroplated in rhodium, a rare and very hard metal that imbues a bright white shine. Our pieces are hypoallergenic, nickel and copper free so they are perfect for sensitive skin. To care for your silver brass pieces, simply wash in a diluted, warm soapy water mix or It may also be cleaned with a silver-polishing cloth. Don't use liquid jewelry dips; the chemicals used can cause the plating to wear off more quickly. Please keep in mind that because rhodium will corrode in salty water its best not to take your silevr brass pieces with you to the beach or salt water pools.

I saw a Paper Crab piece I loved but its’ no longer available. Help!
If there is a Paper Crab piece you love that has sold out we’ll do our very best to restock it for you. Simply send us a special request by clicking on the ‘request’ button and we will snap to it. Keep in mind that because of the vintage of handcrafted nature in which they are made, many of our pieces are unique one-offs. This makes each piece special and individual in its own way but also makes some pieces in our range limited.

How do I care for my Paper Crab textile pieces?
The vintage, handcrafted nature of our Paper Crab textile pieces means that they age beautifully, showcasing their adventures in each stitch. Though our pieces are super durable and hard wearing, we advise against any excess snagging as this will alter the beautiful embroidered detailing. Your Paper Crab textile pieces can be cared for by spot drying with a damp cloth using a mild detergent and warm water.