Let there be P E A C E in my world ☮ Paper Crane Pendant Silver Necklace Intention Jewellery

Let there be P E A C E ☮ in my world

Posted On : June 02, 2017 by : Kaylie Bodeker


i n  m y  w o r l d


One breath in, one fold out
One. tiny. gentle step at a time

That moment our lives are  S W A L L O W E D
less than their whole

How does it happen, we wonder?
That the world we love disappears + chaos descends

What if...

That is the place
where peace. T H A T piece. reveals itself?

A place to take what we have
own who we are
and fold it all in

That one crease folded
that sets up the next

One breath in, one fold out 
Let there be peace in my world

Wear or share the Silver Paper Crane Pendant
Necklace as an everyday reminder
of your transformative power.
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