Finding stories, sharing stories

Finding stories, sharing stories

Posted On : February 08, 2016 by : Kaylie Bodeker



It's been such fun watching our garden move through the throws of summer.
The brilliant faces of the daisies have withered, revealing spindly skeletons. The long arms of the gooseberry bush reaches ever outwards, dropping skirtfulls of papery, fruit filled cocoons onto the earth. Each perfectly protecting the golden orbs encased within, from the world around. 

I've been picking gooseberries from the same bush since I was little (and wore much littler skirts) and yet opening each cosmically constructed parcel still brings as much wonder as the first.

I feel so lucky to be able to reach into its ether and feel this circle, to dance this dance....golden, golden, golden.
I'd love to hear from you…what makes you feel golden, shiny and bright?


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