soul warming spiced chai

soul warming spiced chai

Posted On : June 15, 2016 by : Kaylie Bodeker

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is there anything more SOUL warming than a mug of spicy chai?! 

the winds have been blowing something FIERCE here in perth. last weeks storm saw dark clouds grey out the afternoon skies, gusts rattling the outside of my weatherboard ocean home and the sea eating away half the beach down the road. 

 our very own tempest!

rugged up in my cosiest jumpers, knitted socks and trusty, age-old uggs i watched the gnarled peppermint tree outside my room dance excitedly in the wind.

is it just me or does all this wintery stuff have a very special way of making you feel very small and very brave and very alive and very grateful all at the same time?!

when this happens my FAVOURITE way to recenter is to make SPICED CHAI. 

like all things, the magic of masala chai is in the ritual of it. i just LOVE the feeling of opening the treasure trove that is my spice cupboard, pulling out the little jars, filled to the brim with spices that have somehow made their way from all sides of this wonderful globe to my very own kitchen, to infuse their flavour, warmth and zest into my home and heart.

taking a moment to run my fingers over all the little bits and pieces, i love taking in their different textures and aroma's before putting them in the pot to infuse them together. i can’t help but think about all the people who have planted, watered, grown and fostered the fruits i reap, plucked them from their plots and set them on the incredible journey they must have made to make it to me.

for me, this is what makes making and drinking masala chai such a gift… literally a culmination of stories and journeys.

 from the vast electric energy of the storm, all seems to fall perfectly into place.


the magic of spiced chai is multi-faceted… not only does the heat of the tea warm the body temperature-wise, the unique combination spices lauded by ancient ayurvedic medicine come together to ignite the agni, the interal fire, that fuels our body mind. ignited, the agni clears stagnation that often occurs in cooler months, by boosting digestion, stimulating circulation, strengthening immunity, making way for clarity, focus and efficiency. and let's be honest, who doesn’t need some of that?!

I love how the smell of the spices billow their rich, indulgent flavours though the house like an edible aromatherapy. smells and eats in one?! count me in! 

from the vast electric energy of the storm, all seems to fall perfectly into place.

 the recipe below is my favourite recipe for winter. the cinnamon, clove and anise stoke while the cardamon adds a deep, aural sweetness that lifts and elevates. if you're reading this from a warmer part of the world, try swapping out the cloves and anise for mint and fennel seeds which have calming, refreshing effects while the other ingredients cool the body by encouraging sweat that cools with evaporation.

genius or what?!



2 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces

5 star anise 

6 cloves

6 cardamon pods

1 teaspoon black pepper corns, lighting bashed so they're crumbly

large thumbnail of sliced ginger

large thumbnail of sliced fresh turmeric

3 cups of water

3 cups of (whatever) milk

2 tablespoons of black tea (Indian tea is traditional but I use Broken Orange Pekoe tea i bought in Sri Lanka. you can use Rooibos for a caffeine free alternative)

honey, to sweeten 

pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg, to finish


place the spices and water into a large saucepan. bring to the boil and simmer gently for 25 minutes. add milk and bring to the boil again on a low heat. add the tea in a strainer and simmer for 3-5 mins until the tea has infused. pour the tea into your favourite cups (the higher you pour, the frothier your chai!). stir the honey in to taste. sprinkle with nutmeg and cinnamon and serve. 

drink your bliss!


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honey comb ring in gold 

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